Liz Brewer, author of The Party Bible, and etiquette teacher & judge in ITV series ‘Ladette to lady’

I had reached the stage in my life when I was beginning to be aware of my upper arms – they had that ‘chicken wing’ look. About to embark on filming the sixth series of Ladette to Lady, I discussed with him if there was any hope for me to reverse my ‘upper arm’ situation effectively. Marek suggested a course of resistance and boxing sessions – fun I thought, and also useful for some of the situations I occasionally found myself in with those unruly Ladettes!

Before starting on my twice weekly sessions in the basement gym of my house, Marek also discussed my health issues, including hayfever (from which I have suffered acutely for the last 30 years from June to July, occasionally having to cancel arrangements to stay in a darkened room).

Marek suggested a daily course of various vitamins and minerals and, since the middle of February this year, I have duly taken this blend of nutrients every morning. I had also stocked up on the various eye drops and allergy pills but, now in July, I have just realised I have not touched them at all! I have had a carefree season, and not a single hayfever attack! Marek describes this as rebalancing the Th1/Th2 arms of my immune system.

Also (again without really noticing it) I have, in the last few weeks of good weather, reverted to sleeveless tops and dresses and I am acutely aware that the tops of my arms have what is commonly referred to as DEFINITION!

I LOVE the boxing and, according to Marek, I am a natural – which makes me feel really good – although I have to admit I hate the resistance sessions… BUT IT WORKS, so I persevere! I have always loved the feel-good factor, now I have the upper arm ‘good-look’ factor too!