Personal Trainer FAQs

What happens when I see a personal trainer? This is hard to say. There are so many personal trainers across the country, with only a 48-hour course and a multi-choice exam required to call yourself a personal trainer. What should happen is that the trainer should sit down and discuss with your your aims, current level of conditioning and your schedule before identifying any obstacles and creating a personalised plan.

What is the first step? At Blueprint Fitness, you will be invited to the facility for an initial consultation. This will look into all the relevant details in appropriate depth, and allow you to leave with some exact and personalised recommendations in regards to diet and exercise.

Why do you get better results than other personal trainers? Because we do things very differently to other trainers; more education and more experience is a good start, although it is the stringing together of the important factors to provide a well-balanced and highly-effective routine that makes such a big difference. As an example, many trainers take a guess at what they think your peak fat-burning zone is. We measure it. The same approach is applied across all areas of your regime.

How long will I need to use a personal trainer for? This will vary on your aims, current level of conditioning and personal preferences. Most often, clients will use a personal trainer intensively towards the start and then, after several weeks or months, may see a trainer less and less frequently. Normally this occurs once the client has achieved their aim and simply wants to make sure they are maintaining their results. Some clients prefer to keep their initial schedule; it’s a personal choice.