Mind/Body Program

“It’s simple. It’s just not easy.” A phrase I have used regularly when describing the steps required to elicit spectacular weight loss. In the world of body transformations, the process is styled as a physiological one; from the dietary suggestions made to the specific forms of exercise chosen, both the means and the destination are physical in nature. However, psychology plays an important role in achieving this.

If you have ever struggled to stick with a diet, ever found that life’s stresses unravel your best intentions or feel like you would benefit from enhanced focus, the Mind/Body Transformation may be for you. This very special program features nutritional counselling and personal training from Marek in conjunction with cognitive hypnosis and coaching techniques from Marcus D’Silva. A cognitive hypnotherapist specialising in weight control, smoking cessation and anxiety problems, Marcus has worked in the field of complementary therapy and personal change for over 20 years and is the author of “Weight Loss – The Forgotten Secret” and “How to Change Your Life – With the Amazing Secrets of Hypnosis”. For more information on Marcus and his approach, visit www.marcusdsilva.com.

The cutting-edge program consists of an initial consultation with Marek and then sees the individual partake in 6 sessions of hypno-coaching with Marcus and 6 sessions of personal training with Marek. Every program participant will also receive a post-consultation report from Marek with the dietary protocol included, 2 mind-programming CDs, both of Marcus’ published books and daily e-mail support (if required) from Marcus throughout to keep you on track. This is staged over 6 weeks. The cost of the program is £1025.