Eight Week Transformations

The next Body Transformation Group will be starting in January 2015. The group will be limited to four people. If you would like to be part of this group, please get in touch now via phone or email.

The Eight Week Body Transformations were started in late 2009 as a way of demonstrating what can be achieved through meeting with a personal trainer 16 times over 8 weeks, together with a personalised diet plan. Each individual who takes part in the transformations meets Marek for a thorough initial consultation, spending time analysing their diet and vitamin intake as well as looking at their sleep, digestion, stress levels, hydration and any liver/adrenal issues.

Their diets are created, using normal foods that they already eat and like – normally rearranged significantly to deliver the specific protein/fat/carb ratios preferred for that individual – and they are provided with the vitamins, minerals and whey protein that Marek has recommended for them. Any deficiencies are addressed, especially any deficiencies of magnesium, zinc and iodine.

Upon their first training session, individuals are measured…

The Eight Week Transformation is open to all and costs £960, payable in two installments. Below is the before and after photos of the previous intakes and includes a summary of the program in their own words.




Bodystat measurements, 24 September 2009
Weight: 86.1kg
Bodyfat: 36.1kg
Bodyfat percentage: 41.9%

Bodystat measurements, 29 November 2009
Weight: 75.6kg
Bodyfat: 24.3kg
Bodyfat percentage: 32.0%
Eight-Week Transformation: In Julia’s Words

What were your aims at the start of the transformation?
The aims of my transformation were to get fit, slim down and eat healthy. I am fast approaching 40 and didn’t want to be ‘Fat and 40′.

Did you achieve these aims?
Yes, in the eight weeks I have achieved more than I ever thought possible and I am really pleased with the results. I now know what I should be eating and when. I am well on my way to being the fit and slim person that I want to be.

What changes to your routine were hardest?
I found the food preparation the hardest thing to fit into my routine. I seemed to live in the kitchen preparing the next meal. I knew that with out the planning and prep work I would not be able to follow the eating plan the next day. After a week I got used to it and it became part of my everyday life.

Could anything have been changed to improve on the progress you made?
No, for me the changes happened incredibly fast. At the half way point I could almost feel my clothes getting looser by the day. It’s an amazing feeling.

How would you describe Marek’s contribution to your transformation?
I can not thank Marek enough for his contribution towards my transformation. Without him I could not achieved what I have and would still be eating packet food and having trouble walking up two flights of stairs. Having spent most of my adult years overweight and unsuccessfully on one kind of diet and fitness kick or another, when I met Marek I was at a point where I thought I was destined to spend the rest of my years overweight. Marek was the first person that had taken the time and effort to sit and talk to me not just about my eating but to find out my daily routine and sleeping patterns too. He taught me that there are many different factors that would contribute towards me achieving my goals. Not only what I ate but exercise, routine and sleep too. He advised me on all of these aspects. Each time I met with Marek he questioned how my last few days had been and made very slight adjustments for me to enable me to achieve my potential. His attention to deal is second to none and without this my transformation would not have been achievable. He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and most of the time he knew more about what was happening to my body than I did! In the gym his workouts were tough but always fun. No two workouts are ever the same. He always pushed me without being overpowering. I now look forward to my sessions with him and I have found a passion for lifting heavy weights. Saying thank you just does not seem enough when someone helps you achieve your dreams, but that’s all in a day’s work for Marek.


Bodystat measurements, 22 September 2009
Weight: 73.2kg
Bodyfat: 13.2kg
Bodyfat percentage: 18%

Bodystat measurements, 11 November 2009
Weight: 67.1kg
Bodyfat: 10.0kg
Bodyfat percentage: 15%
Eight-Week Transformation: In Alastair’s Words

What were your aims at the start of the transformation?
To reduce body fat and increase muscle mass on upper and lower body.

Did you achieve these aims?
Yes. Both these aims were achieved and verified using body fat testing and with pre-post photos.

What changes to your routine were hardest?
Dietary changes were difficult at first until a routine was established, and also I found consuming the protein shakes pretty unpleasant!

Could anything have been changed to improve on the progress you made?
I think the four week progress check was a great idea so I could see the proof of the changes that were happening. Perhaps keeping a record of these changes in graphical format would be a good motivational tool, but other than that, no improvements are required.

How would you describe Marek’s contribution to your transformation?
This programme was exactly the kick start I needed, and I could not have done it without Mareks expert advice, motivation and guidance. He has totally revolutionised the way I think about how my body works and helped to dispel many of the myths about food, weight loss and muscle development. My energy levels are much more stable, digestive problems have disappeared and general fitness, strength and appearance is dramatically improved.
Marek can judge exactly what level to push me to, so that I challenge myself and achieve my goals, without overstressing my busy lifestyle with an overly complex or labour-intensive regime.


Bodystat measurements, 24 September 2009
Weight: 83.0kg
Bodyfat: 18.3kg
Bodyfat percentage: 22.0%

Bodystat measurements, 23 November 2009
Weight: 77.0kg
Bodyfat: 12.8kg
Bodyfat percentage: 16.6%
Eight-Week Transformation: In Stephen’s Words

What were your aims at the start of the transformation?
My aims were to lose a couple of inches from my waist, tone up my upper body (chest and shoulders). Try to make a start at a beach body for next year. Also generally try and get in a healthier routine and lifestyle.

Did you achieve these aims?
I would say yes to most of the above. My clothes are fitting better, I feel a lot fitter than before. I have a better understanding of why I was piling on the pounds with my old diet. As a side effect of all of this, my sleeping habits have improved a great deal also.

What changes to your routine were hardest?
I guess at times the diet was the hardest, but occasionally when your completely knackered it’s hard going to the gym. My old diet consisted of a lot of bread, pasta and rice – so it was a little unusual cutting that out. Also to be fair it had a lot of sugary snacks that would be in the office most days, like cakes and chocolate bars.

Could anything have been changed to improve on the progress you made?
Yes. On my side I could have tried to do more cardio. It was only in the last couple of weeks I really noticed the benefits of doing more cardio on top of the agreed plan. On my days off I could have been not quite so bad. At times on my days off I was not too bad choosing salads in restaurants etc but typically, as they fell on a Saturday and I have been working a lot of weekends, the easy option was complete junk such as pizza, KFC etc.

How would you describe Marek’s contribution to your transformation?
Marek was very knowledgeable from the start. The diet plan he put together was very easy to follow. When there were a couple of items on there that I wasn’t getting on with they were simply swapped for something else. In the gym he was very helpful and gave detailed explanations on why we were doing each exercise, the benefits and tips on techniques. He was very encouraging and not the drill master I expected. I would recommend anyone looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle or looking to get fit to give Marek a call.