Sleep Therapy

Regardless of your aims, good sleep remains the cornerstone of every regimen. A proper night’s sleep supports immune function, reduces stress levels and increases fat burning. Poor sleep increases your blood pressure and increases cardiovascular risk. You can’t heal without it and you can’t feel good without it.

Despite the obvious importance of sleep, so many people go night-after-night without experiencing the quality slumber that they need. Many simply accept it. However, many individuals are not even aware that they are experiencing sleep problems. Those most likely to have undetected issues include those that:
– snore regularly
– have adrenal or thyroid issues
– struggle to lose weight
– wake up unrefreshed

This includes a lot of people, yet problems with sleep are simple to treat provided practitioners assess the right parameters. A sleep expert can review all the factors involved in sleep architecture and put together a step-by-step plan to guarantee a restful and consistent night. Every night. If you would like to investigate your sleep quality, speak to Marek about assessing:
– mineral status
– hormonal balance
– likelihood of sleep apnea
– involvement of opiate/serotonin/GABA receptors in sleep function
– effect of inflammatory cytokines inside the brain
– environmental disruptions

A good night’s sleep means more than just waking with a good mood. It is the starting point towards all healing reactions, a central feature in all stress-reduction programs and the biggest factor in successful fat-burning plans. Fix your sleep now.