Nutritional Therapy FAQs

What happens when I see a nutritionist? Unfortunately, this depends heavily on what nutritionist you see. You may be fobbed off with another tired interpretation of the food pyramid and a few recommendations for fashionable superfoods. What should occur is that a nutritionist should sit with you and take a full case history, assess what obstacles may stand between you and these aims and provide recommendations based on your genetics, your lifestyle/environment, your daily energy expenditure and your then put together a tailored plan to achieve your aims.

Do I need to eat organic? No. Organic food definitely contains less synthetic pesticides and, depending on growing conditions, it MAY also contain a better mineral content. However, cost and availability mean that not all clients consume an organic diet. Both clients eating organic and non-organic diets have achieved the same spectacular results.

Why do you get better results than other nutritionists? There are many factors although one of the biggest remains the different approach of those that have studied Nutrition versus those that have studied Nutritional Medicine. Most nutritionists have spent years studying the former, which focuses their learning only on the food pyramid and the nutritional content of food. In contrast, nutritional medicine concentrates on the effects of therapeutic intervention and how to positively influence the metabolic function. Marek has studied nutritional medicine heavily and, importantly, has also spent years applying the principles to his own pursuits and a wide range of different clients.

Will you suggest I take supplements? In most cases. While some fat and diseased public servants may tell you that you only need the Recommended Daily Allowances to stay healthy, this is not true. While all our nutrient requirements vary, eight decades of intenstive farming, pesticide use, gas-ripening in transit and trans-continental food distribution have had negative effects on the nutrient content of our food, making a multivitamin a wide move for all. In any case, vitamin and mineral tests can establish your exact nutrient requirements.