Iodine Deficiency

According the outdated medical textbooks, iodine’s only role in the body is as the precursor for thyroxine, the primary hormone produced by the thyroid gland. Modern science tells us otherwise; that all 74 trillion cells of the human body contain receptors for this halogen element, and that it may play an important role in immune function, hormonal balance, cellular sensitivity and inflammation.

All minerals play a number of roles in human nutrition. What marks out iodine is how short most of the population are in this important nutrient. Dr David Brownstein, one of the pioneers of orthoiodosupplementation in the US, believes that 96% of the population require significantly more. Marek has tested his clients for iodine deficiency since 2008, and is yet to find an individual with suitable iodine status.

Widespread ignorance and political interference have combined to effectively wipe the issue of iodine deficiency under the carpet and keep it there since the late 1950s. Doctors, naively believing that the eight hours allocated to nutrition during their years in medical school equipped them to make decisions on their patients personal requirements, have blindly followed the official guidelines since. Some even warn patients against taking supplementatal iodine!

Marek has been at the hub of attempts in the UK to increase awareness of iodine deficiency and the related disorders. Whether it comes in the form of thyroid disorders, estrogen imbalance or difficulty losing weight, the use of iodine often comes as the missing piece of the puzzle for an increasing numbers of individuals that would not have even considered it as a possibility. Together with the consideration of other aspects of tailored regime, Marek’s status as an expert on iodine deficiency plays a large role in assisting persons that would otherwise ended up frustrated.