Our Hardship Fund – Details

Blueprint Fitness was set up to help as many people as possible feel as good as possible. We know more than most that getting well is not always cheap. In fact, it can be terribly expensive… tests, supplements and appointments with medical professionals can be a huge strain on anyone’s finances. And, while we recognise that everything comes at a cost, we hate the idea that access to optimal wellness should be determined by bank balance.

In response to this, Marek has set up a Hardship Fund to help those who require it. This fund will pay 50% of consultation fees and will apply to the initial consultation and 3 follow-up sessions.

Who can apply? Anyone who is committed to getting well but would otherwise not be able to afford Marek’s fees. However, it is important to say that this Hardship Fund is a new project and, while we will review this on an ongoing basis, the Fund is currently limited to FIFTEEN individuals per year. We appreciate that such places are likely to be oversubscribed, therefore we want to ensure that these places go to those in those who will truly benefit from them.

So, while we don’t want to be intrusive, applications that contain evidence (copies of  bank statements, benefits entitlements, etc) are are much more likely to be successful than those without. Feel free to include any other details that you think may be relevant or support your application.

Please email applications to office@blueprintfitness.co.uk. There is no ‘application form’ as such, just send over what details you think are relevant and useful. Applications for the Hardship Fund will be dealt with via email only.