How Much Does It Cost?

One-to-One Appointments

The full service. Fully guided from start to finish, with an individualized and pro-active care plan that is broken down into stages and aims. Focuses on the entire metabolism, from adrenal and hormonal health to the conditions within the central nervous system and methylation pathways. Tailors support from a genetic level upwards in a no-stone-unturned approach.

- Current waiting list is 8-12 weeks.
- Clients who wish to engage Marek on a one-to-one basis are requested to obtain both the Biolab Organic Acids test (£170, 3-week turnaround, order through Liz) and the 23andMe Genetic Panel (£125, 7-week turnaround, order from

- Initial consultation (55 minutes) = £170

- Written report (5 pages) following initial consultation = £50 (optional)

- A standard follow-up consultation is 30 minutes long and costs £80 but, due to the less predictable nature of follow-ups, some appointments make take less or more time and will be charged accordingly. All appointments will be charged at £160 per hour or part thereof, rounded to the nearest 5 minute interval, eg a 20-minute follow-up will be charged at £53.33 and a 50-minute appointment will be charged at £120.

Marek offers email support between appointments, which attracts a nominal charge. Please get in touch for more information.


Low-cost workshops

Whether it’s test fees, pricey supplements or a lack of ability to work full-time… getting well is expensive. The Low-Cost Workshops were set up as a way to help those on limited resources to connect with one of the world’s top practitioners by sharing the cost. An added bonus is to meet and connect with others in similar situation. They may also provide a head-start for those that have booked a one-to-one consultation but need support now to ‘steady the ship’. While the workshops are not necessarily efficient or convenient, they achieve exactly what they aim to achieve: getting most attendees in a ‘state capable of full-time work’ after the two workshops.

The Workshop system works as a two-part formula; in the first Workshop, the focus is on Basics (on improving sleep, faciliting digestion and removing the fight-or-flight response). Then attendees each complete an Adrenal Stress Index test two weeks later, and return after 5 weeks for Workshop Two. This second session assesses the responses of each individual as well as works through the Hormonal Health; looking at the adrenal results so that all leave with the information they need to support their adrenals effectively.

- The cost for 2x Workshops is £70. Attendees will require an Adrenal Stress Index, which costs £65 (total cost for the process = £135).

- The next Two Part Workshop will be running on: (Workshop One) Sunday 18th September, 10am-6pm, Central London, and (Workshop Two) Sunday 30th October, 10am-6pm, Central London.

- Clients will need to take their own notes and these will be checked by Marek before you leave. Those concerned about ‘brain fog’ can bring one friend to take notes for them (no extra charge, but please advise beforehand).

- Marek cannot offer direct email support between/after workshops, but all attendees are invited to join the private forum to offer support to each other and post questions for Marek (who will log in to post answers on a weekly basis). Membership is charged at £5 per month to cover costs of maintaining the service.