Changing Breakfast for Weight Loss

Many individuals have embarked upon weight loss routines at some point or another. The vast majority fail to achieve the results they crave. And, while other factors like exercise have a potent impact on the success of a regimen, increased dieting success may be just a breakfast away.

The inclusion of breakfast is one factor that many dieters rarely consider, especially if following the type of plan that restricts calories. Protein-rich foods, for example eggs and meat, generally offer more calories per gram than items like fruit and cereal. However, they can boost thermogenesis in ways that the latter cannot. They also simultaneously support the maintenance of muscle, often a problem during weight loss plans. This makes a protein-rich breakfast one of the most useful tools for anyone who wants to burn fat.

All foods trigger thermogenesis upon consumption; this describes the effect whereby the body converts energy from food into heat. This process is controlled by the central nervous system and helps to regulate both the body’s core temperature and the rate of metabolism in general. When in comes to these metabolic effects, protein-rich foods offer two distinct advantages in this regard; first off, they elicit an increase in thermogenesis relative to that offered by fat- or carbohydrate-rich foods. They also encourage the usage of fat by altering hormonal balance, specifically the ratio of pro-storage insulin to fat-burning glucagon. The earlier in the day the foods are consumed, the earlier this increased rate of fat-burning will begin. Regular protein throughout the day can ensure you continue to burn fat at a pleasing rate.

Peter Lemon PhD spent many years researching the optimum amount of protein required by both athletes and physically-active members of the public. He found that, for optimum metabolic function, subjects required at least 1.6g of protein each day for every kilogram of weight they carried (0.73g of protein for every lb of weight). An average of male of 175 lbs may therefore wish to aim for at least 130g of protein over the course of the day. This would be supplied by four eggs, a chicken breast, a large handful of nuts, two chicken drumsticks and a fillet of salmon.

The message is clear; consuming protein-rich foods early in the day can have an extremely beneficial effect on the weight loss process by triggering the body into weight loss mode. This can then be compounded by consuming other protein-rich foods throughout the day. Dieters should avoid at all costs the common mistake of delaying a meat-containing meal until dinner; this wait for protein may seriously harm their weight.

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