What Makes Blueprint Different?

Blueprint Fitness is not about wholegrains and superfoods. The company was formed in 2005 by Marek Doyle and offers a new brand of nutritional therapy, hormonal profiling, sleep correction and neurotransmitter balancing. Blueprint Fitness is about achieving measurable results, again and again.

As the figurehead of the company, Marek’s position in the industry remains unparalled. He has published hundreds of articles on training and nutrition topics and is a contributor to a variety of publications, including the Huffington Post. He has competed in the ring as a Thai Boxer, has trained athletes and non-athletes alike and is considered one of the country’s best nutritionists. His perspective is unmatched.

This approach means you will be considered as an individual and, where necessary, will:  discuss your current medications and suggest more beneficial alternatives, profile your personal vitamin requirements, screen for common disorders such as intestinal imbalance, hypoglycaemia, candida overgrowth etc, overcome poor stress and sleep patterns, test core muscle function to ensure healthy movement and healthy spine, and determine adrenal, thyroid and other hormone balance and rectify this where necessary using blood and saliva tests. This is simply a summary of the extra steps taken to obtain a full picture of your personal situation – this makes getting results a much quicker and easier process.

However, when all is said and done, these reasons are not what make Blueprint Fitness different. It is the results.

To book an appointment or for more information, call Marek on 0203 004 9395 or email marek@blueprintfitness.co.uk.