Samsung Olympic Seminar, 2012

Nutritionist & Naturopathic Hormone Specialist

Whether you are based in London or anywhere else on the globe, you have a different option. Marek rejects the industry-sculpted food pyramid, avoids pseudo-science and never simply matches a herb to your symptoms. He will not patronise you with tired soundbites. There are plenty of nutritionists already doing this; all are getting the same disappointing results.

Instead, he offers an alternative. A ‘beyond nutrition’ method that works with your body to bring about balance in all your organ systems. This tried-and-tested approach:
- identifies and eliminates the specific obstacles standing between you and your goals
- provides a step-by-step plan to make a complex journey back to optimum health a simpler and more predictable experience
- uses specialized lab testing to measure your individual hormonal balance, determine your personal requirements and to track improvements
- constantly respects and harnesses the two-way connections between your adrenals, thyroid, testosterone-estrogen-progesterone balance, liver, digestive tract and neurotransmitters

You do not have the same shoe size as your neighbours. One size does not fit all. We are different genetically but, most of all, we are different environmentally; we vary greatly in our diet, stress patterns, sleep schedules and medical history. Now you can see a nutritionist who understands this fact and knows how to make a difference.

Adrenal Problems?

Adrenal imbalance can have a crushing effect on your well-being. Don’t take risks with your health when you can hire one of the world’s top authorities on adrenal function.

Want to lose weight?

Burning fat needn’t be hard. Work with “the future of fitness” to control your metabolism, customise your diet and use the most efficient exercise to achieve your goal.

Do You Struggle to Sleep?

30% of people are currently experiencing some form of insomnia. Yet perfect sleep is achievable and could be just a consultation away.

Digestive Issues / IBS?

Whether you have pain after eating, unreliable intestinal movement, bloating or cravings that won’t go away, you don’t have to live with it.