Judy D, Greece, 59 – Adrenal Fatigue

After many years of life threatening illnesses, I was struggling with the after effects. I decided  I needed more than a diagnosis of Post Thrombotic Syndrome and a prescription for anti- depressants.  Fortunately for me I came across Marek’s web site, on the subject of Adrenal Fatigue. Everything I read was just what I was experiencing, so I contacted Marek straight away and organised an appointment. This was June 2012.

Marek is the most straight talking, understanding, sympathetic guy I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He understood right away what I had been going through and made me feel that all my symptoms were real and not imagined, as many in ‘the profession’  tried to say they were. I talked, Marek made notes. For anyone out there who has Adrenal Imbalance, (as Marek calls it) you will know the symptoms, but here are a few that I experienced:

- Sleep disruption

- Anxiety

- Low mood

-No energy


All of these and more, Marek has addressed, slowly and at MY pace. My treatment started with diet. I have always had a reasonable diet but Marek introduced supplements to give me that little extra that my diet was lacking. After each consultation I would make a note of any changes (good or bad) and then we would discuss these changes and amend/alter accordingly. He would always tell me that I was doing great and any time I needed advice or help he was always available, to give me support and encouragement. In all the time Marek has been ‘my man’ as I call him to my friends, he hasn’t just treated the symptoms but, along with tests, he has found the under lying cause of WHY am I experiencing them.

For the last 2 years we have used skype for my consultations and after each session I am always amazed at the extent of his knowledge of the human body. I am so impressed with him that I have recommended him to my friends and family. Happily I can say I am healthier, fitter and have more energy than before my ‘major’ illness, and it is all down to working together with Marek.  Marek will be the one I turn to whenever I need advice or help with my health, he is my inspiration!

(August 2014)