Reference – Flouride Concentrations in British Water

The concept of water fluoridation remains controversial and the evidence supporting it remains weak. An increasing number of individuals have chosen to avoid consuming fluoride. The data below relates to the research conducted by Zohouri et al (2003), WMAF (2011) and information supplied by the water providers themselves (eg Thames Water). It is not practical to provide an exact figure for municipal water supplies do to natural variation in levels of calcium flouride.

The only areas of the UK that are artificially fluoridated currently are Southampton, the West Midlands and the North-East. Note that 1ppm is equal to 1mg/L. In my opinion, the flouride content of your water you drink should average out below 0.3ppm. The maximal concentration that the UK Government allows is 1.5ppm. It should also be noted that there are more concerns to tap water than just the flouride content (eg recycled contraceptive hormones and pharmaceutical drugs).

Ashbeck Mountain Spring, Tesco 0 ppm
Caledonian, Sainsburys 0 ppm
Eden Falls, Asda 0 ppm
Highland Springs, Sainsburys 0 ppm
Essential Waitrose, from Stretton Hills 0 ppm
Tesco’s Still Table Water 0 ppm
Caledonian, Sainsburys 0 ppm
Evian 0.1 ppm
Malvern 0.1 ppm
Harrogate Sparkling Spring Water 0.1 ppm
Hildon Gently Sparkling 0.1 ppm
Asda Smart Price Still Water 0.1 ppm
Abbey Well Still by Schweppes 0.2 ppm
Volvic 0.2 ppm
Buxton 0.2 ppm
Love One Spring Water 0.2 ppm
Strathmore Scottish Spring Water 0.2 ppm
Perrier Sparkling Water 0.2 ppm
Fairbourne Springs, Co-op 0.3 ppm
Drench Spring Water 0.3 ppm
Sainsburys Still Table Water 0.3 ppm
Morrison’s Spring Water 0.4 ppm
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 0.5 ppm
Sainburys Sparkling Table Water 0.5 ppm

Most UK Water 0.1-0.5 ppm
Most of West Midlands 0.5-0.9 ppm
Crewe and surrounding area 0.5-0.9 ppm
Braintree, Colchester and surrounding area 0.5-0.9 ppm
Northumberland and surrounding area 0.5-0.9 ppm
Lincoln and surrounding area 0.9 ppm
Solihull / Hagley, West Midlands 0.9 ppm
Reading (and area just South) 1 ppm
Hartlepool 1-1.5 ppm


West Midlands Against Fluoridation (2011). FADS results. Available online at

British Flouridation Society (2010). DEFRA map of Flouride Concentrations in water supplies in England and Wales. Available online at

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