Personal Trainer

Every one of Marek’s personal training clients don’t just get spectacular results, they get an education too. This allows clients to make the right decisions each day during everyday life, from reading food labels to evaluating inaccurate newspaper headlines. Most importantly, it allows them to get maximum results in minimal time, be that in the form of weight loss, athletic performance or rehab from lower back pain.

Your session with a personal trainer should not be your only form of guidance. At Blueprint Fitness, this is never the case. Marek’s unique background enables him to offer answers to a whole manner of issues, be that nutrition, physiology, hormonal issues or exercise. Personal training clients only see change so quickly because of Marek’s knowledge of the body, constant dissemination of new information and prior experience with clients. Not only providing these elements but combining them in a different way for each different client is the hallmark of any elite personal trainer.

When selecting a personal trainer to take you that step further, you should consider several things. How enthusiastic is the trainer in his role? How knowledgeable are they and do they encourage your questions? Do other personal trainers come to him for advice?

Alternatively, you may wish to consider the following; do they have any recognised expertise in nutrition? Have they been singled out as one of the country’s elite? Do they have impressive referrals from members of the public, world champion athletes and TV celebrities? If you are looking for a personal trainer in Kensington, Chelsea and West London, or Basingstoke, then you should never accept anything less than three out of three on this count.

Marek trains clients privately in his personal training studio on Cromwell Road, opposite Gloucester Road tube station. This studio is perfectly located for residents of Kensington, Chelsea and West London, it can also be accessed easily via the London underground from other parts of the city. Personal training is also offered in Nately Scures, one mile east of Basingstoke.

You can get the results you deserve. To make contact, ring Marek now on 0203 004 9395 or send an e-mail. Marek charges a standard rate of £60 per session, with discounts made for block bookings.