Functional Testing

The human body remains an incredible machine, one that modern science still struggles to fully understand. Although there will always be many aspects of such apparatus that eludes scientific rationale, we feel that each client deserves the best treatment in the clinic and access to the most cutting-edge tests at the laboratory.

Second-guessing the function of the body can lead to trouble and frustration. The appropriate test can be extremely valuable in providing a more complete picture of your metabolism. Intelligent use of blood, saliva and other biological testing can allow for the precise interventions that yield such excellent results.

Of course, the value of such tests are limited by the expertise used in their interpretation. Marek remains one of the few practitioners to make use of the full range of tests afforded by modern medicine, while maintaining an an impartial mindset when analysing the results. At Blueprint Fitness, we resolve to ‘treat the patient, not the test’ and always remember that optimal levels of each biomarker may be different from one individual to the next.

Marek holds accounts with all major laboratories in the UK, including London-based Genova Diagnostics, Biolab and The Doctors Laboratory. He also makes use of select tests available from from US laboratories as well, such as Doctors Data in Illinois, US. Marek’s understanding of such a wide range of tests allows him to both provide relevant and useful interpretations of the results before converting them into an effective treatment protocol.