Allergy Therapy

Allergy is a multi-faceted condition with the root cause often as complex as the medical history that surrounds it. From initially being dismissed as ‘psycho-somatic’, allergy has gone from being treated with derision to become a medical topic in its own right.

Even so, the current medical model of allergy leaves a lot to be desired. The black-and-white, place-it-in-a-box-and-give-it-a-name approach sees allergy treated as one disorder, while intolerances are not dealt with. Immune system imbalance and systemic inflammation are not even discussed.

In keeping with the Blueprint Fitness ethos, Marek treats allergic reactions as a whole; a consequence of immune system imbalance. Rather than trial different medications to suppress the symptoms, he prefers to investigate the reasons for any changed responses and provide the appropriate support to let the body balance itself. After all, allergy is not caused by a deficiency of Benadryl!

Marek qualified as an allergy therapist with the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy, and combines their techniques and insights with his own clinical experiences as one of Britain’s most informed nutritional therapists. Marek has pioneered the Comprehensive Allergy Test.


Although different circumstances will require different approaches, Marek offers the Comprehensive Allergy test as a default starting position. This combines the flexibility of the Coca pulse test, which measures immune system reactions to the foods you already eat and your normal environment, together with a pinprick blood test for IgG antibodies (these are highly suggestive of intolerance, a ‘type B allergic reaction’).

Costs £165 (including report)

Additional services – Blood draws for IgE antibodies (the type involved in anaphylactic/instant reactions or ‘type A allergic reactions’), Immunology profiles, Epstein-Barr profiles – POA


Treatment revolves around understanding the cause of the problem. This may be through providing additional minerals to balance the immune system function, removing the trigger food, eradicating immune system stressors such as candida yeast or a number of other approaches depending on the circumstances. All individuals will be given full explanations of why these steps have been recommended for them and what is involved in executing them.