Nutritional therapy is provided by Marek Doyle, one of Britain’s top practitioners. Although Marek has had more than 200 nutrition articles printed in publications across the world, his reputation remains built upon years of proven results with clients.

Marek has been widely featured in magazines, newspapers and television, including Men’s Health, Sky Sports News, the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post. He is also considered one of the world’s top specialists in adrenal health and intestinal dysbiosis, which contributes to his ‘beyond nutrition’ approach. Marek remains committed to educating other nutritionists and health professionals, delivering talks across the country, but still conducts private consultations in London. Marek sees clients at 1 Harley Street in Central London but also offers a weekly session in Chelsea for those who find West London more convenient. For more information on Marek, click here.

Balanced nutrition is essential to maintain a healthy body. Because your body relies on nutrients to repair itself and build tissue, your diet has a direct effect on the way you feel, your metabolic rate and the results any exercise regime will produce. For example, exercise prompts the body to build stronger muscles, but without the availability of raw materials with which to do so, your body can not comply. Equally, those suffering from low energy must provide the right nutrients for mitochondria to function normally. This comes back down to the right blend of vitamins and minerals. Nutrition is king.

Many individuals are put off by previous experience with nutritionists. This is understandable; we recognise that most nutritionists are incredibly generic, holier-than-thou and (above all) annoying. This is because they were trained by similar nutritionists who actually believed their own assertions, that you can ‘only do so much’ and that a nutritionist’s top priority should be to ‘manage expectations’. Rubbish. Any good nutritionist knows what spectacular changes can be achieved when you provide the right support to the right organ systems at the right time, then provide the right blend of nutrients. While the application can be difficult, the concept is simple. And that is why a good nutritionist will get superb results time and time again.

Any individual who visits the London clinic will not have to endure 60 minutes of drivel about ‘superfoods’. Instead, they have their own personal situation explored and benefit from a two-way conversation that leaves them with a very clear understanding of the issues affecting them and how nutrition can affect this. Clients will not be given print-outs. Instead, they receive a typed-up report with their own personal plan (one that fits their lifestyle). A good nutritionist knows that the perfect diet does not exist; Marek instead looks for a plan perfect enough to achieve all your aims with the minimum of fuss.

Marek’s elite nutrition service is designed to analyse every aspect of your diet and the internal environment of your body. This is what we mean by the ‘beyond nutrition’ approach; it not only looks at what nutrients you are consuming, but how they are being absorbed and used and how this may be affected by the internal balance in your body (genetics/hormones/enzyme function). It also covers the amount you eat, and the times you eat. Making the most of current scientific knowledge whilst also remaining true to nature’s blueprint is the model that governs the nutritional advice given. Nature has not designed us to feel down or be ill, so there is no reason why you should tolerate anything less than optimum health. If this is you, then speaking to a nutritionist should be your first step.

Marek takes the time to understand the individual metabolic leanings of each client, providing tailored advice in each case. This makes burning fat, building muscle or managing metabolic disorders a much simpler task. While more London nutritionists are now attempting to deal with adrenal fatigue, Marek remains the UK’s top specialist for this debilitating condition and regularly consults patients from across the globe in managing their adrenal health. He is also recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts in fungal dysbiosis, iodine deficiency disorders and the identification of issues that interfere with weight loss.

Like any top nutritionist, Marek believes in getting as much information as possible to give you the most efficient advice and therefore to deliver the results you require in the shortest possible time. Marek can arrange tests to ascertain liver, thyroid, adrenal, sex gland balance, etc. Most blood/saliva tests are analysed in West London clinics, providing a very convenient service for clients from Kensington, Chelsea and London. Clients who have travelled to Basingstoke can opt to have their blood taken by Marek himself, a qualified phlebotomist. In any case, turn-around time for results is only a matter of days.

In all cases, each individual will be educated as to how their diet and nutrition, vitamin/minerals, herbs and amino acids can be best utilised to rebalance metabolic pathways, now and in the future, and on the simple steps they can take each day to deliver powerful results.

Costs (apply to both the Nutrition Clinic in London and Skype/phone consults):

Two-Day Diet Plan – £120
Health Consultation – £95
Liver Detox / Adrenal Fatigue / Dybiosis Consultation – £95
Ongoing individual program – POA
Professional Sports programs – POA


1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD
2a Gunter Grove, Chelsea, London, SW10 0UJ

To book a consultation with the practitioner dubbed “London’s best nutritional therapist” and “the future of fitness” or to see a map of the location of the London clinic, please visit the contact page.