Terms of Engagement / My Charges


Good nutrition supports the body’s natural defences and resistance. However, the political and legislative environment dictates that no claim can be made about the efficacy of any nutritional treatment.

My responsibilities as a practitioner:
- nutritional advice will be tailored to support health concerns agreed and identified by the two parties.
- nutritional practitioners are not permitted to diagnose or claim to treat medical conditions.
- nutritional therapy is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment.

The patient:
- you must complete the two requested tests (Organic Acids test from Great Plains laboratory and the Genetic Panel from 23andMe) before your first appointment, unless otherwise agreed.
- you are responsible for contacting your GP or specialist about any health concerns you may have.
- please advise your GP of the nutrition protocol you will be following. Please also advise any other complementary medicine practitioners you are currently consulting.
- it is important that you tell me about and medical diagnosis you have received, any prescription medication, herbal medicine, food supplements or over-the-counter medication that you are taking as it may affect the nutrition program.
- if you are unclear about any part of the treatment plan then you should contact me immediately for clarification.
- your nutritional program will have a time frame and you should not continue with recommendations outside of this time frame unless agreed by myself. This is to avoid any adverse reactions. If I have not specified a particular time frame, then you should consider 8 weeks the time frame.
- I may highlight the potential benefit of prescription treatments for your medically diagnosed condition and/or health concern. As a nutritional therapist, I will not recommend them but instead advise you to contact your doctor for further advise on these treatments. It is your responsibility to contact your GP or specialist.


Initial consultation (55 minutes) = £170
Written report (5 pages) following initial consultation = £50 (optional)

A standard follow-up consultation is 30 minutes long an costs £80 but, due to the less predictable nature of follow-ups, some appointments make take less or more time and will be charged accordingly. All appointments will be charged at £160 per hour or part thereof, rounded to the nearest 5 minute interval, eg a 20-minute follow-up will be charged at £53.33 and a 45-minute appointment will be charged at £120.

I offer support between appointments VIA EMAIL ONLY. Following your initial consultation, all patients are encouraged to e-mail with any clarification that they require and my response. If this is in response to the written report I offer, this email is non-chargeable. Additional emails that involve clinical advice will be charged at my standard rate – which equates to £2.66 per minute – and will be based on what time I spend on the email. However, charges will be capped at 5 minutes / £13.33 per email and there will be no charge for “clarification” emails (deemed as those that I am essentially giving you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer and do not require me to review your notes, or where there is an inconsistency in my report) or “logistics” emails (deemed as those looking to book an appointment, requesting directions to my clinic, etc).

Cancelled appointments will incur no charge, providing this is done so with 48 hours notice. Appointments cancelled after this time will incure a £45 charge.


Your details will remain private and confidential at all times. I will store your information (eg. case notes and test results) on password-protected server. I will not disclose any of your personal information to anyone other than yourself and ‘approved persons’ which, unless you direct me otherwise, will ONLY include: any other person that attends the appointment with you, a legally-married partner and parents. The purpose of having approved persons is to assist communications during times when you may be ill or otherwise compromised.