Friends and Links

Some sites worth a click…
This is Cain Leathem’s site. If any of you are considering a career in the fitness industry, the training courses at GB Fitness should be your first port of call. Cain is also a personal trainer in the Birmingham area. Marek has benefited from a number of courses run by GB Fitness.
PTN is a resource site created mainly for personal trainers that, according to the testimonials, features ‘some of the best minds in the industry’. Marek’s articles can be found here also.
This is the website of US physician Dr Joseph Mercola. A very comprehensive site with a lot of informative articles on a variety of health issues (if a little peppered with ads for food/health products!).


Supplement suppliers/manufacturers

Viridian Nutrition
Higher Nature
Solgar Nutrition
New Chapter
Udo’s Choice – Omega Oils
Spartan Health Shop

Natural Health Organisations

British Complementary Medical Association
Complementary Medical Association
Society for Allergy and Environmental Health
Alliance for Natural Health
Vitamin D Council

Reference Sites

Pubmed – The central database for health/medical research – if you can’t find it on Pubmed, then maybe here?
National Register of Personal Trainers
UK Department of Health
National Register of Personal Trainers
BBC Health, Allergies section
BBC Health, Nutrition section

Other Sites

MTMGS Custom Fit Golf Clubs – For custom fitting or alterations of golf clubs in Hampshire, go see Marek’s dad!