Dubbed ‘the future’ of the industry by Notebook magazine, Marek’s unique approach to nutrition, health and hormonal balance remains the standard to beat. Whether in educating other professionals or getting results with world champion athletes and TV personalities, Marek offers expertise unrivalled in the country. The difference comes from an exceptional level of knowledge and a tireless attention to detail, combined with protocols refined over many years.

Few nutritionists have ever applied their own recommendations to such a fine detail. Even fewer go beyond the food-pyramid cookie-cooker approach. The final product shows. Marek says: “It’s true that there is no-one else in the UK doing what I’m doing right now. It’s also true that my years of education and first-hand experience allow me to combine science and common sense in a very specific way. However, this alone is not why I think you should hire me… you should hire me on the basis of my results.”

“In any case, I would advise those considering hiring a personal trainer to think very carefully about their choice. If not, you may regret it… the industry is dominated by basic courses that focus on popular fads and seasonal veg instead of scientific variables and results. They are taught by part-time therapists without sufficient experience or achievements in this world. Sadly, many of these bright-eyed newly-qualified nutritionists believe what they have been told on these woeful courses and apply it to the detriment of their clients. I am also sceptical of the range of copycat nutritionists that appear from every low-fat hole you care to mention; most seem more concerned with providing a fashionable presentation of superfoods than making the changes that will actually benefit clients.

“I feel that I have earnt my place in the upper tiers of the profession, not just through applying effort to develop my knowledge but also through employing sufficient scepticism to separate genuine research from clever marketing (this line is very thin, especially when you consider who pays for the publication of most science journals). Most doctors try to provide effective care, but are limited by what they know (the establishment only pays for pro-industry, pro-drugs research), what they are taught (the establishment teaches doctors to treat symptoms, not deal with the cause), what they are allowed to do (the establishment controls access to the professional registers) and what they are insured to do (the establishment also controls what their PI insurance will cover).

“Everyone agrees that it is vital to have an extensive knowledge beyond that currently seen in the medical industries. I think that having the wisdom to use this knowledge in an effective way is under-rated. Currently, we have thousands of specialist doctors who know more and more about less and less, and plus your average nutritionist, who knows the scientific basis of the food pyramid inside out but cannot relate this to the requirements of real humans. A doctor is happy to label conditions and offer prescriptions, but cannot offer any advice on burning fat. Your typical clinical nutritionist can talk all day about the properties of a number of phytonutrients, but ask how to lose weight effectively and you will be met with either a dismissive attitude or blind panic. Mention adrenal balance and you get generic second-hand recommendations for adrenal extracts. Talk about thyroid issues and you’ll probably get a recommendation for kelp!

“My own first-hand experience has seen me as a champion swimmer, involved in the youth set-up of professional football clubs and competing as a Muay Thai kickboxer. I have taken a lot from such pursuits, and am lucky to have been trained by world champion Cruiserweight, Andre McIntyre, whose knowledge and passion is at the heart of my victories in the ring.”

Marek writes regular articles for a number of industry publications (including PTontheNet and the Huffington Post) and holds seminars for other health professionals and the public. He has amassed experience advising a host of different clients, including top models, TV celebrities and world champion athletes. However, most of Marek’s clients are regular members of the public, with normal aims varying from losing unwanted weight or adding muscle and strength, to dealing with chronic health complaints or optimising neurotransmitters for optimal brain performance. The beauty of an intelligent and balanced approach is that it can be applied to help anyone regardless of their situation.

If you would like to speak to Marek personally, or get in touch to arrange a private consultation, call 020 004 9395 or email marek@blueprintfitness.co.uk. Marek can also be found on Twitter @marekdoyle.