Samsung Olympic Seminar, 2012

Nutritionist & Naturopathic Hormone Specialist

Once upon a time, people chose between superfood-obsessed nutritionists and personal trainers in tight tee-shirts. That era is over.

Marek is not like most health professionals: he get results. So if you are looking for an elite nutritionist in London then we suggest you follow the lead of world champion athletes and top TV personalities. Call in the best.

Adrenal Problems?

Adrenal imbalance can have a crushing effect on your well-being. Don’t take risks with your health when you can hire one of the world’s top authorities on adrenal function.

Want to lose weight?

Burning fat needn’t be hard. Work with “the future of fitness” to control your metabolism, customise your diet and use the most efficient exercise to achieve your goal.

Do You Struggle to Sleep?

30% of people are currently experiencing some form of insomnia. Yet perfect sleep is achievable and could be just a consultation away.

Digestive Issues / IBS?

Whether you have pain after eating, unreliable intestinal movement, bloating or cravings that won’t go away, you don’t have to live with it.